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31 July 2006 @ 07:20 pm
Update from Pres' visit  
Wow it has been ages...yet again lol, I actually wrote the following entry before I went away but never got around to posting it! It's my account of the visit by dr_schweir and sapphs So here it is enjoy... 

Ok so it’s been ages since I have updated, but at least this time it’s not just because I’m lazy lol, it’s actually because I have been without the internet which has basically been killing me but hopefully I should have it back soon!


I really wanted to write this entry though because I have so many things to catch people up with; it’s been a big week or so!!!


I start on Saturday 9th and move on from there!


Saturday 8th:  I finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean II and while it was quite good, it was no where near as good as the first one, it was nice though because I went and saw it with Mum, Dad and Sara which was good because we haven’t done something like that together in ages, afterwards we even went out to dinner so it was a nice little family outing!!


Sunday 9th: After months and months of anticipation and 6 hour phone conversation Dr_Schweir finally came down from Brissie to visit!! It was so exciting, all day long I was a bit nervous about meeting her but when we finally went to the station to pick her up it was great!!! We went home and had a absolutely beautiful Baked Dinner (you should feel very special Pres cause I couldn’t tell you the last time Mum cooked a baked dinner lol) we then set up the big screen and settled down to watch some Gate!!!


Monday 10th: This was one of the best days Pres and I spent together, we drove out to Forster for the day and went shopping then sat and had coffee/Frappes, went to the beach and most importantly saw the Dolphins in the Bay, it was really beautiful and we had such a great time just hanging out!!! In the arvo we met up with my sister and my 2 year old nephew to go shopping. I wasn’t sure how Lochie would respond to Chloe but I didn’t need to worry cause within 20 minutes she was running around the story with him and he was loving it!!! By the end of the day he bypassed me so he could have cuddles with her!!!!!! Not that I minded he’s so cute I don’t know how anyone can resist him!!!


Tuesday 11th : Today was the first of our lazy days, basically we sat on the lounge watching TV and making fun of MacGyver (stopping a sulphuric acid leak with Chocolate….only Mac lol) except of course for the walk we went on…to McDonalds!!!!! It was a great day though, even if we are both fatter for it lol


Wednesday 12th: This was a big day, we got up early in the morning which sucked after being up half the night lol… we went shopping all around Taree in the morning then I took Pres out to lunch to the most beautiful restaurant in Taree called Raw Sugar, it is so beautiful there and the food is always great! For lunch we both started with the Pesto Bread…which may well be the best starter bread ever served at any restaurant ever!!!! We both then had what’s known as a “Cundle Burger” it’s a chicken burger named after a local suburb. It was awesome it had chicken, salad, guacamole and the most beautiful basil sauce all on Turkish Bread!! OMFG it was good, the problem was that we were both so incredibly full we basically didn’t eat for the rest of the day lol.

After lunch we were booked into donate blood, which turned out to be quite a fiasco!! I donated fine however Pres’ heart rate was way too high (she reckoned I had been stressing her out!!) so in the end she couldn’t donate!! We still had a great day though!!!!


Thursday 13th :  The second of our somewhat lazy days, we had to look after Ellie the one year old daughter of a friend of mine, so we pretty well had our hands full but when she was in bed we did what we do best…watch TV!!!


Friday 14th: Today we had Lachlan for the day so we spent most of our time looking after him and once again watching more Hi-5 then any adult ever should!!!!


Saturday 15th:  Even though we had a great week together it was so great when the other girls came up over the weekend!!! Poor Sapphs got up way to early on Saturday morning in order to drive to Taree and after only one slight hiccup on the way arrived at my house just before lunch. We had such a great time catching up (although once again I was bypassed for Pres…hey Sapph!!!lol) then after lunch we once again set up the big screen and watched plenty of gate, we spent a couple of hours watching all the new BTS specials before actually moving onto some episodes…we were halfway through Window of Opportunity when we found out that Sapph hadn’t seen the end of season nine so of course we made her sit and watch it immediately!!! No matter what the rest of the season was like those last few eps are awesome and like the rest of us she really enjoyed them!!!


Then we went out to dinner and had the most fantastic time…for people that haven’t known each other that long we always get along so well and we had so many things to talk about…we also had a great dinner followed by a few cocktails and the mandatory KENO!! Unfortunately we didn’t win anything this time but it was sure worth a try!!!


We came home to watch yet more Gate but the problem was we kept getting halfway through episodes and then deciding we would rather watch a better episode!!! Plus Pres kept annoying me and stealing my blanket and we kept breaking into giggles especially during the letter writing incident (HAND-GYNA!!!! LMAO) so I think the other girls were having a bit of trouble getting us to shut up so they could actually watch the show lol. When we did finally settle down a bit we sat and watched Dickie Roberts cause the other girls hadn’t seen it, they thought it was hilarious which it is, we finally went to bed about 2, we though poor Sapph had better get some sleep otherwise we probably would have been up all night!!!


Sunday 16th: The day started off rather late after certain people, who shall remain nameless, finally got out of bed! We decided to have Maccas for brekkie and only just made it lol we then went for a drive out to the beach and went for a bit of a walk and of course take the mandatory photos, before returning home and it was time for Sapph to leave. It was so sad seeing them go I wish we had more time to spend together but at least we had fun while we were together!!!!


In the afternoon after the girls were gone Mum, Dad, Pres, Lochie and I went for a drive out to Crowdy beach and went whale watching, it the short time we were there we saw at least 20 whales it was awesome, then we went for a walk along the break wall before returning home. Pres and I spent our last few hours together playing Disney Trivial Pursuit (of which I won both games!!!lol) then sadly it was time for Pres to get back on a train, it was so depressing… I missed her within in minutes and still do!!! I can’t wait till October!!!!!


Monday 17th: Finally to top off an extremely busy and exciting week I started my new job on Monday, it’s so great I am really enjoying it and learning a lot!!!


So that’s my big week it was great, I would like to say such a huge thanks to both Sapphs and Dr_Schweir for coming to visit I miss you both terribly and can’t wait to see you again!!! BRING ON OCTOBER!!!!


I probably won’t be able to write again for a while because I am going away to Darwin next week as Mum is playing in the national Hockey tournament, but I’m sure I will have another good report when I get back!! Until then I love you all and hope to talk to you all soon!!!


Love Cle xoxoxoxoxox

Sapphs and Lexa (can't you see we had all the essentials...Gate on the big screen and LOTS of junk food!!!)

Some Photos

Dr_Schweir, Sapphs and I at the Beach Sunday Morning

Dr_Schweir and I Whale Watching on Sunday Arvo

I will hopefully write up an account from my trip to Darwin soon, I will also upload a copy of my TV Week Article for anyone who didn't get to see it!!!
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Sapphsapphs on July 31st, 2006 01:20 pm (UTC)
HEEEEEE! Gods, I was SOO tired, but hell! It was worth it! XD!!

And I am indebted to you for making me rediscover my long lost love of SG-1!! *squishhugs* Ah i love SG-1 now.

Awesome pics and everyone?? That plastic container on the floor os full of Stargate Dvd's :D:D:D:D:D
Presdr_shweir on August 1st, 2006 10:28 am (UTC)
Me stealing blankets - you lying little tralk! I did not. Your blanket happened to get in the way of the air I was grabbing.

**giggles at mass amount of food on such a little table** oh and just for you: HAND-GYNA!!!!!!!!

As for leaving...well I said in my lj I was crying on the train and rest assured honey I missed you as soon as the train pulled out. **misses Taree family**

Did I tell you I am getting a Dora blanket?